RewardTrak provides merchants with the solid network foundation they need to run a successful publisher program. Merchants only pay commissions on a pay-per-performance basis making it a cost-effective means of promoting your business. RewardTrak and its publishers are paid a commission only when your product or service sells, motivating us to market your product and realizing a much higher return on your advertising dollar.

You can easily build your own publisher program and drive buying customers to your website, boosting your sales, leads, and website traffic. You will develop a virtual sales team that will widely promote your website’s products and services. Merchants that opt to utilize RewardTrak will have the benefit of exposing their businesses to hundreds of thousands of potential customers, millions of monthly network hits as well as hundreds of private labeled Cash Back Network sites.

Join the RewardTrak marketing network and easily build your own performance-based publisher program.

Benefits of Working With RewardTrak:
  • Pay Only for Actual Results
  • Cost-Effective Way to Acquire New Customers
  • Get Superior Returns On Your Investment
  • High Traffic Volume
  • Low Set-Up Fees
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Wide Advertising Reach
  • Industry Leading Technology
  • Detailed Transaction Reporting and Metrics
  • We Process All Payments to Your Publishers
  • Dedicated Account Management and Support
  • Proven Ability to Deliver Significant Results