What is RewardTrak?

RewardTrak is an affiliate marketing company. We provide software, support, and management services to help merchants run affiliate marketing programs. In addition, we maintain an extensive affiliate network across all major retail categories.

What is a publisher?

(Also know as affiliates) Publishers are website owners that wish to generate income from the traffic to their websites. RewardTrak offers website owners a ready-made base of hundreds of merchants (advertisers). Publishers carry banners, buttons & text links promoting the merchants and earn commissions based on the results generated by the advertising.

What is a merchant?

A merchant (also known as an advertiser) is an online business or website with a product or service to sell or provide. A merchant teams with a publisher, or a group of publishers, through an affiliate marketing program (RewardTrak) to help them promote their products or services. The merchant provides the publisher ads, text links, or product links to place on their websites and promote them in e-mail campaigns or search listings. In return, a merchant compensates his publishers for the desired actions they generate, such as clicks, leads, or sales.

What is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a company which acts as a middle-man between merchants and publishers by providing the merchants' ads for publishers to run.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a method used to promote a merchant’s online business in which a publisher (an individual or company unrelated to the merchant) is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, lead, or sale generated for the merchant through that Publisher’s efforts.

What is CPA?

CPA stands for "cost-per-action." Anything from generating a lead to closing a sale could be considered the action.

What is a conversion?

The percentage of visitors to your site who -- subscribe, register, purchase, etc. If 10 out of 100 unique visitors perform your purchase, your conversion rate is 10/100 or 10%.

What is an impression?

An impression is the viewing of an advertising banner, link, or product on the Internet.

How does RewardTrak get paid?

RewardTrak charges merchants a performance fee, which is based on publishers' earnings.

What are cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are small text files that a web site can write to your computer. We may use cookies to identify you and allow you to log in once to the service and shop without having to log in again. RewardTrak uses cookies to track and record clicks or determine how to credit a sale. Cookies are also used by many of our merchants to identify a publisher as a site member.

How long does each store's cookie last?

Each cookie lasts for 30 days. This means that if a user clicks on your link and doesn't purchase right away, they will have a cookie containing your affiliate ID on their computer. If they return to the same store within 30 days and make a purchase, you will receive credit for the sale. Cookies that track clicks from a visitor are reset every day, so if a visitor to your website clicks on your link multiple times in one day, it will only count as one click in your daily stats report.

What does RewardTrak do to protect against fraud?

Security of the RewardTrak program is vital for both affiliates and its merchants.

If we suspect fraudulent activities or if particular incidents are reported to us, be assured we take IMMEDIATE ACTION. To protect our affiliates and merchants we monitor websites for bogus, obscene or hate-inciting content and review statistics for any unusual results or practices. Merchant only pay for valid sales or clicks, and RewardTrak will only track transactions that come directly from the registered URL or domain. Legal action will be taken if we find any merchant or affiliate trying to violate our system. We have a zero tolerance policy for such abuse! We expect our merchants and publishers to report any questionable practices to


How does RewardTrak record sales generated by each publisher?

RewardTrak uses cookies to track merchant’s sales. Every time a sale takes place on your website, it is automatically reported to us that it has taken place using the code that we provide to you during setup. At that time, we figure out which publisher, if any, is responsible for the transaction.

What about customers who don’t have cookies turned on in their browser?

Nearly 99% of internet users have cookies enabled on their browser. Cookies based technology is an integral part of the web, and aid in the creation of e-commerce websites, user-friendly websites, and other customized sites. In the uncommon event, however, that a customer has cookies disabled on their browser, the customer is not available for tracking, and sales will not be tracked.

Will I be able to see all of my stats?

Yes, you will be able to view which publishers are sending you traffic and all the transaction data as well.

Can I cancel my campaign at anytime?

Yes. However, you must notify us in writing (e-mail acceptable) with at least 7 days notice. This grace period will allow us to notify our publishers so they may take the links down from their sites.


How do I become a publisher?

Publishers must have a valid website address and valid e-mail address in order to participate. Publishers can differentiate themselves by having a top-level-domain name, and by providing a description of their intent to participate on the RewardTrak network. Membership to the network is controlled by RewardTrak, and we may review, reject, or accept any application for any reason. We strive to bring in quality sites to our network, both publisher and merchant alike.

What is the cost to join RewardTrak?

There is no cost for a publisher to join the RewardTrak network; however, they do have to go through a strict approval process prior to participation.

How will I get paid?

Payments are made on a monthly basis. You must have earned at least $25 to receive payment. If your earnings are less than the minimum amount, it will be carried over to the following month. With RewardTrak you will not lose the commissions that you have earned.