The RewardTrak Affiliate Marketing Program

RewardTrak is a performance-driven online marketing network that allows merchants (advertisers) to pay for concrete results not simply advertising exposure. Publishers (affiliates) on our network display advertisements in the form of coupons, banners, text links, e-mails, etc. from merchants and earn a commission for every sale generated by a customer clicking on the merchant’s advertisement. RewardTrak is a revenue sharing program in which the merchant only pay’s for results generated by the ad, as a result they are able to benefit from extremely cost effective and productive marketing.

RewardTrak creates an open marketplace of low risk and high reward for its clients by publishing performance metrics on advertisers, publishers, the ads within its network, and by leveraging its own expertise in online marketing. We serve millions of impressions monthly, ranking us among the largest ad networks on the Internet.

How it Works

Merchants and publishers partner together by joining the RewardTrak network.

The merchant forms an advertising campaign by adding banners and links to be placed on an established network of publisher websites.

The publishers agree to display a merchant’s banners or text links on their websites for a pre-agreed fee for an action. Customers now viewing the site are exposed to, and have the option of clicking on, the banners or links.

This action results in the tracking of the sale through placement of a small file called a cookie on the visitor’s web browser. The cookies allow RewardTrak to provide merchants and publishers with online reporting of all transactions. All sales are recorded and commissions are then paid to the publisher directly by RewardTrak for the sales they have generated.